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How not to pay attention to criticism

Do not criticize only the dead and do not represent a people. Should a person be successful in anything, as immediately formed around detractors team. Fight gossip and constant criticism is impossible, you can only learn how to take them.

How not to pay attention to criticism

Instruction how to not pay attention to criticism

Step 1:

To get rid of unconstructive criticism, learn to keep secret its success by most people. Only relatives and close to you in spirit friends can wish for good, even if they all formed much worse. Colleagues, "lzhepriyateli" and enemies, even if they do not show clearly their hostility, then behind your back do not miss an opportunity to teach others your dignity and merit in a distorted form. Thus they are "rehabilitated" by you, reducing the value of their own failures. If you can calculate this kicker, spread rumors, do not respond in kind - simply cease to communicate with him. So you're depriving him of access to information, through which he weaves his dirty intrigue.

Step 2:

Unfortunately, even the native people may abuse the destructive criticism, genuinely thinking that because they will make you better and will point out the error (without bothering to find the right words and right clicking on offense). But they only lower your self-esteem and have a negative impact on you. Hearing your e remark, bordering on rudeness, in any case it does not react to emotional outbursts. What for? Nothing but negative emotions and the deterioration of the relationship, such skirmish will bring. Better to just keep quiet and pretend that did not pay attention.

Step 3:

The best response to constructive criticism - an excuse for their own behavior if the situation demands, and thanks for the comment. If several people show you to the same error in the behavior, then it is indeed the case. Think about how to quickly eliminate. Treat words with calm criticism, even if they hurt you for a living, because deep down, you yourself acknowledge that wrong - backlash is irrelevant here.