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How not to talk too much

Some people in the conversation can not keep track of what they say. Words are pulled before they will consider a phrase. That is why the secrets, mysteries, important information can not be hidden by them, and they all talk to outsiders. Because of the gab, you can get into trouble, so it's best to learn how not to talk too much.

How not to talk too much

Instruction how not to talk too much

Step 1:

Learn to understand where and what can be said. In every circle there are topics that are not made to talk. Consider a society in which there is a conversation, place, time and situation. You can relax and talk freely in the company of friends, but surrounded by strangers or work to watch every word.

Step 2:

Mentally divide the information you know, the group - it is possible to tell, and this is impossible. Secrets of others, operational information, their personal secrets of mental lock on the lock and no one of them did not speak. If there is a desire to share with someone new information, write it down in a diary, but do not let anyone read it.

Step 3:

Try to narrow the circle of friends and talk less. Maintaining communication with different people, you want to get them interested and tell too much. Keep in mind that talking to other people about themselves, friends or work is fraught with consequences. After all, it can be a person of the competitors of the company or one of your detractors.

Step 4:

Before voice their thoughts, mentally scroll through them in your head and listen, as if from the outside. Evaluate how pertinent that phrase, if it hurts someone's feelings and did not disclose whether someone's secrets? As far as she was interesting to talk to and show whether you are in a bad light.

Step 5:

Learn how to keep yourself in their hands, even if in my heart raging emotions. Do not succumb to emotions and do not express the people rashly claim not remember all the past grievances, and not criticize them. Always remember that a quarrel dies down, but your words can not be returned. Relationships can only disorder because of your temper.

Step 6:

Be discreet. Do not get involved in all the discussions and events around you. During the meeting the interlocutors listen more, talk less, not to say by chance something extra.