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How to achieve your conversation

A person often has to insist on his point of view, whether it is in a friendly debate, the scientific debate, business negotiations, etc. Naturally, his companion often has the opposite opinion on the subject under discussion. How to make your how to get to agree with their views, arguments?

How to achieve your conversation

Instruction how to achieve their conversation

Step 1:

Of course, in each case it is necessary to act according to circumstances. After the tone, it is relevant in a conversation with friends, it is not allowed during a conversation with the boss, for example, or a man who is much older.

Step 2:

First, well thought out, what will be discussed, and what results you want to achieve. Do not start a conversation, the more serious, without training, hoping that "somehow turn out." This is a gross mistake. Of course, the "impudence - the second happiness", but to rely on it is still not worth it.

Step 3:

Plan the well, which may be the reaction of the interlocutor, any objections, counter he can comment on one issue or another. Try to prepare their rebuttal of the rebuttal, focusing on their clarity and persuasiveness.

Step 4:

Speak concisely, confidently, only on the merits, without losing or diverting the conversation away from the main. Try to keep your voice calm, polite, but in any case, not timidly. Do not stammer, avoid repetitions, do not use the word-parasites like "Well, then ..." "Uh-uh ..." and the like. Your companion for a second does not feel the "slack".

Step 5:

Remember the famous psychoanalyst wise covenant Dale Carnegie: "The best way to make a person do something - make him want to do this!". So, try to skillfully and tactfully bring the interlocutor on thought your idea, your offer, your solution to the problem - that is exactly what he needs.

Step 6:

Do not forget that the other person is required to ask himself: "And for what I do so? What are the benefits to me? ". So be sure to tell us about what would benefit your option. It will be very good, if you present proof of payment, even approximate. This immediately creates a favorable impression by showing that you are a serious, thoughtful man.