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How to attract friends

One people easily manage to make new acquaintances and friends, and other difficult to establish contact with a stranger and alone, to establish friendly relations, and say nothing. What does it depend? From nature, activity, sociability. But all need friends. They will help in a difficult moment, share your joy and happiness. There are many tips on how you can attract to his friends, but the main thing - to have a great desire to do so.

How to attract friends

Instruction how to attract friends

Step 1:

First, think about why you are so hard to make new acquaintances. Perhaps you are too shy, reticent, trapped, afraid that will not be of interest to others. If so, it's worth thinking about how to become more confident and sociable, try to change yourself. For example, instead of sitting at home watching television or a computer monitor, go to the museum, the exhibition, enjoy a workout, sign up for courses, etc. This pastime is useful for your development, as well as such events you will have the opportunity to meet new people, some of which you will be able to establish friendly relations.

Step 2:

To attract the attention of a person can be when talking with him about what he likes, what he wants. Most people like to be the source shows a sincere interest in them, their hobbies, and life. And if the topic is of interest to you, then it will be just fine. You can not only discuss common interests and desires, but also to try to find ways to meet them.

Step 3:

Listen carefully to what your opponent says. If you will constantly interrupt, or your appearance will express boredom, you should not expect to establish friendly contact.

Step 4:

To people were attracted to you, treat them with friendliness, smile while communicating. At times where you can not find a way in word or deed, it is able to do the usual smile. Positive and cheerful person easier to establish contact with a stranger than gloomy and sad.

Step 5:

Use to explore different ways. For example, pay attention to their colleagues. Perhaps among them there are people with whom you have common interests, hobbies, and worth a little effort to relationship grew into the category friendship. You can take the help of modern technologies. Different social networks - this is a great way to find friends not only in different cities, but also worldwide. It is especially suitable for those who are communicating in the real world manages with difficulty.

Step 6:

If you meet a person with whom you are interested, then most likely, you would like to become your friend. But do not rush things. Friendship is born in one day, it takes time. So do not put pressure on the person, let events develop independently. And you will be able to say one day: "Now I have a true friend."