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How to attract visitors to the restaurant

Russian catering market continues to evolve. New places open, competition is increasing, and the number of customers per establishment, respectively, decreases. In order not to burn - to look for ways to attract customers to the restaurant.

How to attract visitors to the restaurant

Instruction how to attract visitors to the restaurant

Step 1:

Increasing culture and service levels. Even if the institution dishes are amazing, the impression of them can ruin low-quality service. One solution to this problem is a set of waiters who have great experience and good references. You can use the services of recruitment agencies to solve this problem. You can also hire a professional and deliver training to improve service levels. In large restaurants and restaurant networks, it is usually by a special department of the company.

Step 2:

Motivation. Do not forget about the working staff of the restaurant. With the right motivation of profit growth will not take long. It is necessary to consider introducing a system of penalties and rewards.

Step 3:

Making the hall. Making the hall depends on the target audience for whom the institution. For example a classic interior design and expensive furniture to high-end restaurants can not afford and do not demand a sports bar. Also, the target audience opportunities shall comply with the menu and prices. After all, budget, purpose of visit and habits of football fans and visitors a wide array of different cafes.

Step 4:

Bright appearance of the restaurant. The appearance of institutions must comply with its internal content. The sign and the building itself should be visible. Otherwise, the visitor will not even notice it and pass by.

Step 5:

Implementation of loyalty programs. The loyalty program includes a set of marketing tools to promote the product. It is a variety of events, small gifts, competitions and quizzes. Customers are always attracted to something "free". Come up with some action. For example: "Every second drink free" or "On Wednesday, the girls free dessert."

Step 6:

Install Wi-Fi. Restaurants and cafes are actively using this method of attracting customers. For many customers it is important that they are able to not only eat, but also free to go to the Internet. Set in an institution so-called "hotspot". Around it is formed Wi-Fi zone radius of about 50-100 m.