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How to be a woman

Being a woman - it's constant work on oneself, self-discipline and self-control, allowing always be well-groomed, trim and beautiful. These qualities are developed from childhood, and only when they become your second "I", you can be a woman, regardless of age.

How to be a woman

Instruction how to be a woman

Step 1:

To be a woman, you have to maintain in good condition, not only the body but also the soul. But for this you must have an incentive. If you think that such an incentive is a man, it is misleading. Being beautiful externally and internally you have to, first of all, for herself. When you understand this, you will begin to love and take care of yourself and enjoy it. This is a very fertile ground - your concern and love will not go unanswered.

Step 2:

Fill the heart with love for itself, and this love is extended to all that surrounds you. And those who are near you, be sure to feel it and be attracted to you, and also love you. When you realize that the age is not a hindrance of love, but rather fills it with new vigor, you will no longer be afraid of years and will emit light of love for life.

Step 3:

Do not stop in its development, continue to be vitally interested in what is going on, do not let your mind fossilize. Be aware of everything new and interesting, read good books, watch movies, go to the theater, study art. Use the limitless possibilities that are in this plan gives Internet.

Step 4:

Live an active, fulfilling lives. Do not sit in their spare time watching television and use it for sports, travel, trips, meetings with friends. Love your body and do not allow him to be lazy, enjoy the required physical activity.

Step 5:

Pamper yourself a good, high-quality cosmetics, perfumery. Use to maintain its beauty only proven, natural product that gives pleasure and lets you get real pleasure. Dedicate this time, let yourself soak in a scented bath soak with nourishing mask, go to the spa, to the beautician.

Step 6:

Eat right. Eat only fresh foods, give up the semi-finished products, do not be lazy to cook. Include in the diet of all the products needed to keep your body in good shape. Do not abuse alcohol and smoking. Make sure to see a doctor.