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How to be charming

Sometimes we hear complaints of the girls, saying, "And looks at me - at least for a magazine cover, and the parameters of classic and stylish dress, and perfect hairstyle, make-up, and the guys pass by! But Masha beauty can not boast, the figure is far from ideal, dressed modestly, but young people like a magnet to pull it! What kind of injustice? ". Indeed, why "Scripture Beauty" sometimes lonely, but young people vied with each other take care of the same nondescript Masha.

How to be charming

Instruction how to be charming

Step 1:

Yes, such a situation does not occur very rarely. She generously endowed by fate: beautiful, slim, smart, well-secured. What would seem to be a problem with personal life? But is not it natural that inexplicable magnetism that captivates and irresistibly attracts the opposite sex. And as a result of her beauty rather than to attract guys, alarming and frightens them.

Step 2:

But do not despair. The girl with the desire and persistence may well learn to behave in such a way to charm almost any man. First of all it is necessary to firmly remember what qualities attract men the weaker sex, make a woman lovely in their eyes. And also the fact that men are very clearly share the concept of "flirting" and "married life". Accordingly, they are willing to twist the novels with a fatal beauty, but marry the girls, which saw goodness, faithfulness, patience and understanding.

Step 3:

So if you want to look charming, irresistible in the eyes of young people, first of all learn to be kind, cheerful, generous. The guy must be good, comfortable in your society. No scenes, moods, crying, inexplicable (for men), mood swings! The best way to alienate the young man simply does not exist. Accustomed to control myself always.

Step 4:

Carefully, without interrupting, listen Man, on whatever he said. If you are well versed in the subject, from time to time to ask clarifying questions short. If you are not interested in his story, or did not understand, try to gently, tactfully steer the conversation to another topic. The guy certainly appreciate your behavior is appreciated.

Step 5:

Try to get as much positive emotions as possible. Learn to enjoy the most simple natural things: clear, sunny weather, beautiful flowers on a bed, a sincere smile toddler driven for a walk in the stroller. And this joy quietly become your nature, creating around you a warm and welcoming aura, the very charm that like a magnet to attract the opposite sex.