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How to be collected

Success in business, if you seek him, comes only to the man who knows how to organize their work efficiently and correctly. This can not be achieved without discipline, accuracy and punctuality. These qualities should be instilled to man in childhood but also in adulthood can rebuild yourself if you really want.

How to be collected

Instruction how to be collected

Step 1:

Get a solid fat diary, because even his views should speak about the severity of your problem. Tune everything always bring to an end, so you do not have to organize half-measures in the form of scraps of papers with clumsy writing today plans. As soon as you learn about the upcoming event or meeting, immediately take your "Ledger" and neat legible handwriting make a detailed record.

Step 2:

Do not abbreviate writing, over time it will be difficult to understand what is hidden in the message. Mark the place and time, leave a few blank lines, that in the future you could make changes to the record. Thus, all the information about your short-term and long-term plans will be collected in one place within reach.

Step 3:

Get used to view diary every evening in order to know what to expect tomorrow and be able to prepare for the event. If it needs more time, be sure to make the appropriate entry on the day scheduled for the beginning of training.

Step 4:

Discipline - this property and the ability to manage operational information, communication, knowledge, intelligence, means at hand, speech, and even a lot of necessary things. But most importantly - it is the possession of information, which you successfully disposed of, with your magic diary and his brilliant knowledge.

Step 5:

Work on his nerves, and overall mental state. After all, if you do not know how to apply their knowledge in life, to use them for their own purposes, so-discipline and concentration you are missing. Learn to cope with the emotions that interfere with concentration.

Step 6:

Do not be distracted from the work on the little things that prevent the deal with the case. Turn off the TV, radio, telephone. Man unassembled often distracted by an interesting transmission, the familiar melody. It takes a few minutes - and he was unable to concentrate at work, he goes to make tea, starts doing something else, ultimately no result.

Step 7:

Take a specific location for your office, the ideal option - it is a separate quiet room, but in the absence of such, has come and a nook behind the screen. Lay out all the things in strict order, so you always knew where to take. By the same token, and organize your workspace in the office.

Step 8:

Do not make excuses himself for being late. Do not blame it on circumstances or other people, convince yourself that only depends on you whether or not you'll be late. Try the morning not to engage in any unnecessary things: read a book, turn on your computer and much more. For such a short time, you do not rest, and only lose precious minutes.

Step 9:

Try to transfer the alarm for five or ten minutes ago. This time may be enough to come to work on time. Come up with some motivation to be on time, for example, so as not to upset the friends and relatives not to displease the authorities.