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How to be in a good mood

Good mood improves performance, effect on health, gives self-confidence. Optimistic attitude helps to cope with difficult situations, it is easier to survive failures. In addition to positive man pulled around. And how to be always in a good mood? It is necessary to learn, should be worked on. There are proven ways.

How to be in a good mood

Instruction how to be in a good mood

Step 1:

Tune yourself to the positive in the morning. When you have not yet opened their eyes in bed, smile and wish myself a great day. Then quietly lie down, stretch, slowly stand up, do a little workout. Take a contrast shower, it invigorates and positive energy charges. Do not give up a light breakfast. Let it be porridge or scrambled eggs and a cup of green tea. During the day, pamper yourself with products that enhance the mood. These include nuts, dark chocolate, bananas, cheese, fish, buckwheat, oatmeal.

Step 2:

Diversify your day, arrange surprises for themselves and their families. For example, on weekends instead of the planned cleaning of the apartment, to visit friends or go out of town for a fishing trip. Change the environment - rearrange furniture, change the image. At least once a month give up all cases and devote the day to relax and rest. Visit the beauty salon, go to the sauna or soak in the warming bath. Treat yourself to a favorite dish.

Step 3:

Praise yourself for every little thing. Forget about their shortcomings, because you have so many advantages! Do not reproach yourself, and do not suffer remorse. For every achievement Make Me gifts. Often smile, remember the pleasant moments of life, funny stories. Do not think about the bad. In the case of an unpleasant situation, imagine if it will have a place in your heart, after some time. One of the famous 45 commandments American journalist Regina Brett says: "If any so-called catastrophe ask yourself the question: Will this matter in five years?". Make it is adopted.

Step 4:

Maintain a healthy lifestyle: eliminate alcohol and smoking, engage in fitness, constantly watch your health. Spend as much time outdoors as possible. Sunlight, fresh air, the breeze a positive effect on the emotional state and improve mood.

Step 5:

Follow the rules of color therapy. Surround yourself in yellow - it improves mood. Green relaxes and energizes purple. In clothes, choose bright colors.