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How to be joyful

Frustrated and discouraged much easier than to make a conscious decision to find joy in life. However, the only choice in favor of the latter will allow you many years later, was pleased to tell myself that every minute the past was good, and every day is lived not in vain.

How to be joyful

Instruction how to be joyful

Step 1:

Start the morning with a smile at his reflection. Looking at himself in the mirror, congratulate yourself with the beginning of a new day and the promise to spend it interesting and useful. Go to bed with the thought that tomorrow will be even better.

Step 2:

Avoid people of society, always dissatisfied with something and always complaining about the heavy share. Psychologists have long known that they live according to the scenario, formed their own pessimistic view of the world. Distancing itself from the pernicious influence of such entities.

Step 3:

Learn to notice the surrounding beauty and harmony, be careful to life. Regardless of his age do not stop to look and focus on what is causing surprise and delight.

Step 4:

Share your good mood with others: arrange meetings with friends, make pleasant surprises relatives and friends, pay attention to the older, play with the children. Try to always and everywhere to create an atmosphere of kindness and friendliness.

Step 5:

More mess, but so that no one was hurt. Maintain your ability to be witty reading Zoshchenko, Ilf and Petrov, Averchenko and other classics and contemporary humorists. Look good comedy.

Step 6:

Live for today, try to enjoy every moment and thinking of global problems: when the end of the world, for how long fresh water reserves will last in the world, if not the next coming default - leave to others. If the position you are supposed to resolve any conflict, be sure to trim this circumstance source of joy is the professional sphere.

Step 7:

Try to brighten up the gray days and routine trips, hikes, a fascinating hobby, visiting interesting events.

Step 8:

Start practicing yoga. Already after the first few sessions feel how much better it seems the world around, and how peacefully you feel.

Step 9:

In difficult moments, remind yourself that the disheartened - a great sin, and everything that happens - for the better, no matter how bad you first however.