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How to be more patient

Stay calm in difficult situations and be patient to others - seemingly one of the most essential qualities for a person who wants to feel comfortable in society. However, not everyone is able to master them. But to become more patient is possible if you work on yourself.

How to be more patient

You will need:

- spokes, hook, yarn for knitting, - Embroidery cross-stitch kit - green tea.

Instruction how to be more patient

Step 1:

Start with the observation of a side. Let us analyze your words and actions. The first step on the path to success - is the adoption of a problem. If you come to realize that you really need to train your patience, consider that you are on the right track.

Step 2:

Work on yourself all the time. If you do not like what you quickly threw the case without bringing it to the end, because I do not have the patience, force yourself to go back to it and bring it to its logical conclusion. Find something for everyone, which requires time and physical costs. For example, try cross stitching or crocheting or spokes. In order to embroider a picture or link even the simplest thing required perseverance and patience. These classes develop its fine.

Step 3:

Try to exclude those points that put you off. For example, if you do not like the fact that pets do not spin a tube of toothpaste, a purchase that has not unscrewed the lid and open. Also been reported with other similar moments. The lack of stimuli also have a beneficial effect on your patience.

Step 4:

Set the rules. This method is perfect to help you not to lose his temper when communicating with children. Education often undermines the patience of an adult, because to convince the child to do what you are striving for from it, is not so simple. It is bad if it will end with shouts and quarrels, and it is bad for you, and for the child. Set a rule, code-named "Count to three," or "Last time I warn you." This limitation you put a child on notice that when this phrase sounds really better to agree with you, and you will not go out of yourself ahead of time, knowing that magic phrase has not yet delivered.

Step 5:

Watch your diet. Yes, your body reacts differently to the foods that you saturate it. For example, coffee, chocolate and black tea stimulate the body and does not contribute to the development of patience. Try to drink more green tea or mint tea, it has a calming effect. Self-control and effort may well make you more patient, more importantly, that you do want to change.