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How to be on top in communication

Expand social circle is never too late. Someone has to do it every day in connection with work or lifestyle. However, not everyone can make new friends and keep warm or business relationship with the people. How to develop your communication skills?

How to be on top in communication

Instruction how to rise to the occasion to communicate

Step 1:

Do not be too demanding to talk to. People tend to hang on other labels, projecting those features that are not acceptable for themselves. For example, a "one - lack of initiative, this one - great mod", etc. Learn to accept people as they are, and begin to correct its own shortcomings.

Step 2:

Do not forget about the sense of humor. A good joke helps to establish contacts, to release tension, fill prolonged pause, brighten unpleasant experiences, etc. People with a charming sense of humor, they are welcome in any company, regardless of age and social status. The main thing - to clearly see the line between humor and buffoonery.

Step 3:

Learn to empathize. This does not mean that you need to listen to stories about the injustice of their loved ones, loud sighs and shakes his head compassionate. Empathy - it is not indifferent, sensitivity, the ability to listen to the interlocutor and respond to his words. Do not deny the people in it, and also share with them the joyful moments.

Step 4:

Avoid gossip. It is possible that once again you have to be in the office of al (director of the enterprise, where you work, dentist, customer, etc.), the behavior of which you are not satisfied and told it to all your friends. To be at the height of communion means to learn how to build relationships with people, and not to break them.

Step 5:

Smile more often. Do not forget to say 'Good morning' house, to welcome not only the authorities but also those who held the position below yours. Greet with neighbors walking their dogs in your yard, the seller in a candy store, where you go every day, a bartender at your favorite coffee shop, etc. After a smile and a greeting give a good mood for the whole morning.

Step 6:

If you have something does not work, remember that in the environment of each person, there are people that can be divided into three types: those who love you; who dislikes; and those who simply do not pay attention to you. Take note of this and try not to lose people from the first group.