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How to be original

Originality attracts attention, identifies the crowd. Many people, especially the young, want to feel unconventional, something unique and not similar to others. They try to be bright and eccentric, while the much more likely to be original, being himself.

How to be original

Instruction how to be original

Step 1:

Try to be yourself. Of course the original charismatic people. They often attract attention, even if this does not aspire. That's because for them this is natural behavior, and they may not even notice that no one else does not do or do not dress. And if they notice that for them it does not matter.

Step 2:

Learn to listen to your desires, thoughts. Many people are accustomed to thinking as standard and have forgotten how to recognize their own internal motivation. The freer you are internally, the more original ideas you will appear more natural and you will behave. This is different from people who want to be original purpose, - they simply copy someone who they think bright personality.

Step 3:

Most try to implement ideas do you have, even if your loved ones they are not taken seriously. Sometimes a seemingly absurd ideas at their implementation are successful and even bring success and money. If you have a couple of times will be able to implement interesting ideas, your confidence will grow, and increase creativity.

Step 4:

Do not be dependent on the approval of others. People worrying about what they think about, often do not dare to be ourselves, to do what they like, and behave as you want. This means they act according to the standards existing in the society. This is not bad in itself, but so hard to be original.

Step 5:

Think how would you, if suddenly there is no need to care about the opinion of others. Often people suppress their individuality under public pressure when they are told that they are in some way different from the rest, and it's bad. Do not believe 100% it said. In fact, the bright and independent people to stretch, but on condition that they enjoy themselves and radiate confidence.

Step 6:

Do not try to chase fashion trends in clothing. Try to develop a sense of style. Pick yourself things, focusing on what they are for you personally or not, whether they emphasize your strengths, or vice versa. Try to make unusual combinations of things, or choose attractive accessories.