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How to be polite when the dispute

A person often has to express his opinion on some subject, to join in the discussion, discussing this or that problem, argue and prove his innocence. In other words, to argue with other people. Alas, not all are able to behave politely with the dispute and culturally. Very often it comes to the aggravation of the situation, rude, the transition to the individual. The result - a quarrel, spoiled the mood, the reputation of rude, unrestrained person.

How to be polite when the dispute

Instruction how to be polite when the dispute

Step 1:

First of all, each participant of the dispute it is necessary to firmly understand and remember: anyone, even the most intelligent and educated, can make a mistake. Therefore, do not take my opinion the only correct one, non-negotiable, do not force it to others. Even if the discussion in which you are very familiar with. And professionals with a worldwide reputation, happened mistakes.

Step 2:

Remember: mannered, polite person always convinces others of the correctness arguments, not rude. Therefore, refrain from derogatory reaction to opponent words such as "What nonsense!" Or "Bullshit!", Even if his words were, to put it mildly, not the most intelligent. Listen carefully without interrupting, and then calmly and politely express your point of view. If you feel that the other person was wrong, specify clearly what is wrong he was, where the weak link in his argument.

Step 3:

Make sure your facial expressions, gestures. Educated people, listening to the interlocutor, will not pose a contemptuous grimace, frown, like a toothache, and even just demonstratively distracted, his whole appearance indicating that the wrong word for it - an empty phrase. Yes, it's possible that your opponent says outright stupidity or confidently took to speculate on what little knowledge. That does not make him honor. But you should in any case be dignified.

Step 4:

Even if the person annoys you, talk to him a calm and polite tone, in any case, do not stoop to caustic podkolok, tips back to school, etc. Of course, no self-respecting man would not allow to speak scornfully of racial, ethnic or religious affiliation opponent. This is absolutely unacceptable.

Step 5:

If you see yourself and feel that your opponent is firmly in their positions, it is hardly necessary to continue the dispute. Why do you spend time and effort to deliberately losing a job? Try under some plausible excuse to end the conversation, for example, referring to employment, urgent business. In a pinch, you can always say, too, politely and calmly: "Well, let everyone remains at the opinion."