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How to be spiritually strong

Questions fortitude often regarded in a religious context. It is assumed that the religion allows a person, not even a very strong physically, to be stronger than their opponents, not armed with faith. But the experience of the ideological wars of the recent past shows that the universal values ​​that should be the man, make it strong, regardless of whether it be religious tenets, or the dictates of the soul.

How to be spiritually strong

Instruction how to be spiritually strong

Step 1:

To be spiritually strong person, you have a lot of work on themselves. For this purpose it is necessary to learn from the experiences and life story of the people who are considered to be recognized as spiritual leaders. Moreover, it does not matter whether they are agnostic or religious people and the religion professed. Read about them, find out their views and philosophy, which they preached. Please rate how close they are to you, the same as if the fact that you think and feel, whether you agree with their postulates.

Step 2:

Determine for yourself a circle of spiritual values. That it will evaluate your spirituality. These are the parameters that can not be changed under any circumstances. Your firmness in adhering to the chosen ideals and spirituality will be the degree to which you aspire.

Step 3:

You truly have to assume that you have selected the value of material goods more expensive. This, of course, does not mean that you refuse and neglect the money, power. Do not do that, because they are a tool for the realization of spiritual values. Just tangible assets should not be placed above all else, and their achievement - should not be the meaning of life and the purpose for which it is possible to neglect conscience.

Step 4:

Learn to distinguish between those who, under the guise of beautiful words and false slogans, proclaiming spiritual values, is actually concerned about their own selfish interests. Be able to see these people, and does not become the kind of person whose mind can be manipulated by playing on instincts. Here is where you can express their spiritual power to the full.

Step 5:

Monitor and be aware of the motives of their actions. Should be guided in their actions a desire to create, to act, to bring blessing, compassion, finally. Never to commit acts you should not push envy, revenge, greed, fear. You yourself must become judge, and adhere to the path selected by you voluntarily. Nobody said it was easy, but to overcome the difficulties it will be easier, because you follow the ideals that are inherent in spiritual development, and thus strong personalities.