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How to be tender and gentle

Women often have to carry on their fragile shoulders home life, career, maneuvering between the complexities of life and still be beautiful, feminine and sensual. The truth is hard bustle of everyday life to do so, it seems, it is not easy. Sensitivity and gentleness go by the wayside, leaving in return firmness of character and coldness of feelings. How to learn to be gentle and tender in the modern world hard?

How to be tender and gentle

Instruction how to be tender and gentle

Step 1:

Monitor your external appearance, it should be soft and gentle. Elegant dresses, skirts, exquisite accessories, neat makeup, hairstyle - all this will emphasize your femininity and make a note of lightness and coquetry. Most come to the mirror and remember that you are a woman - beautiful and touching creation.

Step 2:

Let your man to feel the support and protection for you. Do not take all the problems and solutions themselves. Create the impression of a fragile woman who needed male attention and assistance.

Step 3:

Most Show your love and affection towards the man. Do not skimp on the good and gentle words. Pay attention to your speech. Rough language and tone is not increased for women. Stop command.

Step 4:

Relax and enjoy life. This will help to focus on their natural feelings of women, will develop softness. Enjoy the sensations, for example, sunlight or fragrant tea flavor.

Step 5:

Avoid bedtime remember something pleasant. Most play in his mind "sweet" moments that give pleasure to your body and soul.

Step 6:

Try to understand that before you hurt to be more gentle and affectionate with their families. Analyze the situation and your reactions to them. Maybe we should change their attitude.

Step 7:

Remember that you are a woman, and to engage in heavy physical labor - men's responsibility. Do not carry your own weight and neither do men's work. If necessary, ask for help. Keep your female health.

Step 8:

If your side is no partner in life, get a puppy or kitten. Helplessness and fragility of these creatures will cause you a lot of tender and affectionate feelings. Take care of it and feel soon as softer to the world.

Step 9:

In extreme cases, please refer to the psychologist. It will help you understand your "unkind" behavior and correct it. After feeling a trainee. It is only a matter of time and awareness of themselves as women.