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How to become a real man

"To be a man - not enough for them to be born." With these words begins the poem by Mikhail Lvov dedicated to the heroism of soldiers in World War II. And it is true. After all, along with countless examples of courage, steadfastness, faithfulness to duty, in those years, there were opposite examples of cowardice, even betrayal. In peacetime, these words are true.

How to become a real man

Instruction how to become a real man

Step 1:

"He - a real man!" - When you hear this, immediately mentally represent hard-working, responsible person. But not all members of the stronger sex to this match.

Step 2:

What general meaning of the concept of a real man? Earn money to support his family? But you never know examples of a rich man is unworthy, shameful way! Or, perhaps, to make a good career? Yes, it seems to be said in favor of men. Well, if it will move up the career ladder with the help of intrigue, flattery and slander? Remember, a real man - is primarily a reliable person. He has a strong moral core, it is clearly what is permissible and what is not.

Step 3:

If you want to be called a real man, do not let anyone, even the closest people to manipulate you. You can compromise, but a well-defined limit. Remember: for their actions before the law, the conscience of society and you are responsible for yourself. None of this responsibility with you not remove.

Step 4:

This man never brags, not showing off. It is not scattered promises, but if they promised something - try to keep his word. If you want to be a real man, remember this. How accurately says an old Russian proverb: "Not having given word - Be of good courage, and having given - hold on!"

Step 5:

This man - protection and support for women. Despite today's reality, gender equality, etc. He is physically stronger, so with him and a special demand. Do you want to meet this title - respectful attitude to the woman he loves, protect her from the dangers and hard work, help around the house. Of course, to make sure her arguments to their cause, rather than a threat, especially with his fists.

Step 6:

And, of course, if you want to be a real man - be an exemplary family man. Faithful husband, loving and caring father. Try to literally everything to be an example for children to make them proud of you.