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How to behave under stress

Frequent stress can undermine even in good health, if you do not learn to deal with them. Unfortunately, not always the person may apply to a professional psychologist in difficult moments, so you should remember a few features of correct behavior during times of stress and use them.

How to behave under stress

Instruction on how to behave under stress

Step 1:

Do not panic and try to sensibly assess the situation. For example, you make a mistake while carrying out their work and received a reprimand from the boss. Consider whether your mistake really so terrible and is strong emotions? Is not it better to accept this negative experience, as well as the fact that all people make mistakes, and then move on to more important work projects? In general, try any failure to perceive only as a lesson that you need to understand and remember.

Step 2:

Try to break away from the causes of stress. If the chief daily brings you to a nervous breakdown, job change. Faced with rudeness in the store, public transport or on the street, try as much as possible to break the communication faster and in general any contact with irritating you man. Stressful situations are particularly dangerous when you are driving a car. If a reckless driver cuts you deliberately interfere with travel, zoom, pursues, reduce your speed or Pull over and wait until he leaves.

Step 3:

Try to get rid of fear, anxiety and other negative emotions with a special technique of psychological protection. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Inhale, and rushes into your body clean, fresh air. Exhale, and negative emotions leave you. Imagine a gentle breeze blowing through your heart, taking with them the pain, fear, excitement, and leaving the light and emptiness. This method is very effective for stress and even panic attacks, but it is important to remember that the state of ease and tranquility must be secured, not allowing you to beat stress.

Step 4:

If the source of stress is the person or group of people with whom you can not immediately break contact, try to reduce their significance. For example, when the boss scolds you, mentally, lift between you soundproof glass wall or enclose it in a bottle, like a genie. Addressing the audience, imagine that your listeners - babies in diapers, helpless, unable to cause harm. By the way, the offender can also be mentally put diapers and remind yourself that with inexperienced kids adult should behave quietly.