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How to behave when insulted

You do not have to learn a diplomat, to be able in conflict situations remain cautious and do not lose their dignity. When you fray torrent of abuse, it is important not to respond to this fury, not to stoop to the level of your opponent. Raised and considerate man will be able to save face and "razrulit" situation.

How to behave when insulted

Instruction on how to behave when insulted

Step 1:

Between emotional reproaches that require tactful silence and rude insults, respond to that silence is indecent, there is a fine line that you define yourself. In most cases, the attacks on the emotional coldness and reasonable to meet the detachment. The immediate reactions require only the most acute and blatant insults, offenses against the honor of your family and your own honor.

Step 2:

Do not succumb to spontaneous reactions, try to stay calm and cool. Before anything to answer, take a few deep breaths and count to ten. If necessary, possible.

Step 3:

In that case, when the question is of fundamental importance, and discuss it without emotion does not work, ask the other party to communicate in writing. You can use the note or online. Set out the points of your questions and claims, analyze the causes of your joint debate. Is it really important they are, as it seemed at first considering?

Step 4:

If you loud and unjustly insulted, just get up and walk away. Do not play with grimaces of displeasure, do not slam doors. Now your opponent is not able to properly talk to you, so do not give him another reason for hysteria. Perhaps because he himself will then be ashamed of his words. All that is necessary, you can discuss later. The debate is not so urgent after all, to spend on it your precious nerve cells, right?

Step 5:

If you have received an insulting letter, do not rush to answer it immediately. Write an emotional response, and set it aside. Go back to writing after some time, for example, every other day. Decide whether your angry response to send? In some cases, insulting letters generally best to leave unanswered. Respect yourself and value your time, but do not become a snob, who had no emotions.