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How to calm down before bedtime

Very often people go to bed for the rest, the mind continues to scroll through the events of the previous day. And it happens that the day care, unsolved problems and stressful situations hinder sleep. Not slept fine, he quickly tired at work and worse performing their tasks. This is reflected in the appearance and general health. Obviously, before going to sleep you need to relax and forget about problems. But how to do that?

How to calm down before bedtime

You will need:

-pine extract; -sea salt; -chamomile; -valerian; -green tea; -mint; -motherwort; -dushitsa; Marshmallow is a root; root of valerian; -hop cones.

Instruction how to calm down before bedtime

Step 1:

If you are familiar with this situation, and you, too, for a long time can not sleep, because I can not escape from what some unsolved problems, try to allocate to reflect the accumulated problems another time, a few hours before the rest of the evening. For example, after returning from work and dinner.

Step 2:

Sit for half an hour with your thoughts and look out of your stressful situations. It is better if you formulate the problem on paper and try to draw up an action plan for each of them. And if a question is now can not be resolved, and the record. After completing the necessary mental work, you will be able to breathe freely and not to poison yourself these reflections night's rest.

Step 3:

To the body needed a rest, try for 4-6 hours before bedtime workout exercise. Sign up, for example, in some evening sports section, if such a function somewhere close to your home. Sporting activities stimulate the body, but there comes a general relaxation after stress. And unnecessary thoughts at this time recede into the background.

Step 4:

Anxiety at bedtime is often spicy food. Try to use it if you like it, either in the morning time. And shortly before bedtime, many experts recommend eating light meals, such as buckwheat porridge or cereal with milk. Gently soothing and soporific effect, except for milk have chicken and turkey, as well as bananas.

Step 5:

A beneficial effect on the nervous system, like "programming" in the consciousness of restful sleep, fragrant bath. You can use essential oils as well as possible - cheap, but such well-known and long-proven tools, such as a warm bath with pine extract, sea salt, chamomile or valerian. Plants (flowers and leaves), cover with water, cover and boil in water bath for 10-15 minutes, then strain the broth, add the bath.

Step 6:

Try also to take advantage of one of the famous sedatives offered by traditional medicine. Take 250 g of green tea, add to it 2 tablespoons mint, motherwort, oregano and marshmallow root, and on a spoon - valerian root and crushed "cone" of hops. Mix well, pour the glass in a jar and close tightly with foil and glass cover. The mixture is brewed as a tea and drink before bedtime.

Step 7:

Lying in bed, think about something abstract and monotonous. You can "count elephants" or repeating verses. And maybe you will like to indulge in a pleasant and joyful memories. It will calm you and will contribute to strong, healthy sleep.

Step 8:

Use this method, the maximum voltage, and then a gradual relaxation of muscles. Start with the feet and slowly work your way to the head. Tense muscles, count to ten, relax. This exercise relieves stress and calms.

Step 9:

If the above measures do not help, consult a good specialist, a psychologist. In just a few sessions, he will help you learn how to calm down and to cope with insomnia.