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How to change the character for the better

If you are tired of listening to you - the owner of the intolerable nature and next to you can not be around the clock, it's time to think about this problem. After all, only you the strength to change his character for the better.

How to change the character for the better

Instruction how to change his character for the better

Step 1:

If you consciously decide that you need to change their behavior, it is not hard to do if you make an effort. To start politely ask someone to take pictures of the loved ones on your camera so that you do not notice much. For example, if a dispute is brewing, and the instigator of it is you, your loved ones need to immediately react and turn on the camera. When you cool down, you should see a fresh mind and a record to see myself from the outside. Did you see the reason that you are so angry, and why you are once again allowed themselves to tell a story of excess loved ones. This video will serve as an incentive for your speedy change for the better.

Step 2:

Meet the man who is the same as you, a difficult character. Perhaps, you can easily make friends with them, because it has a similar temperament and demeanor. But the longer you are with him will spend time together, the longer will your communication, the sooner you stop to think about themselves and their manners. After all, your friend - it's a kind of mirror that shows your attitude to the world and others. Once you understand this, you begin to live differently. First, the longer communicate with the positive and kind people. Second, take it a rule to restrain anger, mentally counting to a hundred. Thirdly, read more Oriental literature. Books about Eastern philosophy and psychology will help you understand yourself and learn to control their behavior.

Step 3:

Change the character for the better will help you to charity. Help the weak, helpless people, protect children. To help, you can not only financially, but also to support the good word of the person who is in a difficult situation. For example, start the conversation with the residents of nursing homes. They will be very pleased that there are still people in this world who is able to listen to them and, most importantly, waiting for letters from them. So gradually, doing good deeds, performing noble deeds, you will gain the glory of sympathetic person with a truly angelic nature.

Step 4:

Yet another way to fix the character, for example - to keep a diary. To express on paper all that boiling in the soul. Paper - not a man: all endure. Once all write immediately feel easy fatigue, and irritation of the former is not a trace remains.