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How to change the identity of

Personality - a set of social qualities of the individual, formed under the influence of the environment on the basis of natural characteristics. It is not always about the person can say that he - the person. For the individual characteristic of conscious behavior, will and moral convictions. Formed a little person is subject to change, however, under the influence of extraordinary circumstances, stress, a person can recognize the need for change. And how you can change a person? All begin with the transformation of consciousness.

How to change the identity of

Instruction how to change personality

Step 1:

Strive to be different - better, more honest, more courageous. It is an inner desire to necessarily find a way into the environment. Over time, your actions will be more fit this type of person to whom you are going. In this work you will be developed moral qualities. Conscience always show you your mistakes.

Step 2:

Find a role model - an extraordinary person and a magnet for your qualities. Many successful people in the interview to talk about their personalities, which were once the ideal for them. Imitating someone externally and internally, you become like that person.

Step 3:

Think positively, constructively. The bad, angry thoughts can create in the brain cells present road, which then will even the most harmless thoughts. Hatred and other destructive emotions experienced constantly, can change for the worse any positive identity.

Step 4:

Do not allow yourself the slightest idea that change the personality you will not succeed. Doubts will not allow brain cells "remember" your brand image and model behavior. It is better to concentrate on his desire.

Step 5:

Do not attempt to destroy the qualities of the person, which you should not be. Instead, carefully cultivate new personal characteristics. It is becoming more powerful than the old, defective strengths make retreat.

Step 6:

Try to change your surroundings - a place of work, study. It is necessary to move to live in another place. Start a new life to a new person. If this is not possible - to change the look. Change your hairstyle, clothing style, lose weight, or inflate the muscles. You yourself and the people around unconsciously will perceive you as a new person.

Step 7:

And the last. Since you have decided to change - go to the end. Otherwise, you may lose your identity in general - and lose the old and new do not purchase. Good luck!