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How to choose an opponent

Selecting an opponent for a game - not an easy task. Each person selects opponents based on their own capabilities. Some, for example, love to compete with strong people. Other vice versa - with weaker. But they all share one thing - the process of selecting an opponent.

How to choose an opponent

Instruction how to choose an opponent

Step 1:

A healthy lifestyle is promoted now all over the world, and with it - many sports. I was no exception, and table tennis. In this game, as in any other, has its own techniques and tricks. For example, in order to win and earn a reputation, it is necessary to choose an opponent carefully.

Step 2:

Do not rush to challenge the "homely" players. Practice shows that such people can sometimes present a "surprise", as a result, you not only lose the game, but also can lose reputation.

Step 3:

Do not tear once in the "battle". If you have just arrived in the room, and already there playing tennis, wait a bit, see how others play.

Step 4:

Pay close attention to how each player moves. From the players movements will depend on your game tactics. That is if your potential opponent moves quickly and smartly, it will have to choose one strategy, and if, on the contrary, slowly, then another.

Step 5:

Carefully keep an eye to the fact as a possible opponent is holding a tennis racket in hand. May depend on the outcome of the match. If a person is unsure holding the racket, it means that he is not confident in their abilities. Naturally, there are great chances to win in a duel with him.

Step 6:

Carefully study the tactics of the opponent's game, as it takes delivery as delivers, whether it tushuet or curls the ball. This is a very important observation on the basis of which you can choose the right tactics of the game.

Step 7:

A very important consideration when selecting an opponent in any game is to assess his psychological characteristics. Pay attention to how your potential partner behaves during the game. If he is emotionally unstable, then this is your chance to win. The main thing - to withstand his psychological pressure and remain calm. By following these simple rules, and victory will be in your hands.