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How to choose life goals

To succeed in life and be happy, one needs to choose the right goals for themselves. They must comply with the values, strong features, preferences and desired lifestyle.

How to choose life goals

Instruction how to choose life goals

Step 1:

To choose life goals, determine their strengths. Those. those personal qualities that you are most developed. For example, if you have the nature of the pedagogical abilities, perhaps you'd better connect his life with this direction.

Step 2:

Identify your preferences. If you are ready to engage in any business or not for the money and fame, but just as you wish, so you can achieve success in this area. This is very important, your preferences should be related to your goals.

Step 3:

Search for your values. What is really important for you and the other is above your desires. This may be a desire to have a big happy family, or to become rich, or to engage in charity, and so on. D.

Step 4:

Then, determine their motives. What motivates you and gives pleasure and the factors that cause discomfort or even disgust. For setting and achieving life goals is important to understand that you can not always force yourself to do something you do not like.

Step 5:

Once you have identified your strengths, motivations and preferences, find a relationship between them. Select one main theme - that you can implement with your talent and get that satisfaction. For example, you can easily communicate with people and possess the qualities of a good storyteller. You listen with pleasure and invited guests. In this case you would like to become rich and famous. Set a goal - to become a well-known journalist and printed in large popular magazines, as well as to interview pop stars or politicians.

Step 6:

Once you have determined the purpose, specify them in time. Record wording and create a plan for its implementation. You will constantly refine it and make efforts for its implementation. If the target is correct, then when you get out - your interest in it will increase, as will increase the satisfaction of their actions.