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How to cope with the blues

Melancholy, apathy, lack of desire to do something ... With the state faced many, many people. Very often it appears in autumn, when nature fades, sunny days becomes smaller. And in the early spring, when the body after the winter is not enough vitamins and other substances. Often the spleen is a temporary phenomenon. For someone it lasts longer, someone less. But in any case, such a condition interferes fully enjoy life and the world around them. Therefore, it is important to be able to cope with the blues.

How to cope with the blues

Instruction how to cope with the blues

Step 1:

Write down on paper some of his favorite activities. See what you could do at the moment. You may need to first make something yourself to do through force, but gradually you enter into the taste, addicted, and blues gradually go away.

Step 2:

The apathy of the state does not want to do anything and to communicate with anybody. But just chat with friends and relatives can be a means of getting rid of the blues. Go now to the cafe, bowling alley, water park, if the weather permits, you can get on shashlyki.Esli do not want to go anywhere, then arrange a bachelorette party at home. Invite your friends, buy a bottle of wine. Can you just talk, and you can listen to music or watch a movie, but it is desirable that it was fun and easy to grasp.

Step 3:

Engage in sports or dancing. During the lessons you will have no time to think of his spleen, and adrenaline and endorphins in the classroom gradually all will make you forget that you came in such a state. Korma addition, exercise useful for your figure and health.

Step 4:

Keep a journal of your achievements and successful cases. And when you feel that you start to be depressed, bored, then re-read their successes and achievements. This will give you a positive charge of energy, will not unglued. It is possible that some will want to repeat or to make some new actions, ie, Time given to despondency you simply will not.

Step 5:

If you spring blues, then deal with it will help a variety of vitamins and minerals that help to remedy the lack of elements necessary for normal functioning of the body.

Step 6:

More often on the street. Especially on sunny days. After all, the lack of ultraviolet radiation is one of the causes of melancholy. Select a day somewhere far away from the hustle and bustle. Enjoy the silence, the sun, the fresh air.

Step 7:

Do not try to look for the causes of their apathy. Introspection can aggravate your condition. Remember that the spleen, most often temporary and it will take place soon, and you will enjoy life again.