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How to define a lie in the eyes

Sometimes people lie. This may relate to the last detail - for example, mood, likes or hobbies. To this can be ignored, because not everyone wants to reveal the soul. But sometimes the lies may also cover the important things. And must be ready to recognize it. One way - to define a lie in the eyes.

How to define a lie in the eyes

Instruction on how to identify false eyes

Step 1:

When a person is lying, his eyes often are. You can learn to control the movement, it is possible to learn how to come up with a plausible lie. But to control the movement of the eyes is very difficult. At the time of the lies people feel uncomfortable, so he looks away from the eyes of the interlocutor. Look, look where the interlocutor is directed, if he stubbornly refused to look into your eyes - this is the first sign of a lie.

Step 2:

People who know this character, sometimes make the opposite effect. That is, look the person in the eye. The second sign of a lie - a direct gaze unblinking eyes. As a rule, people are at this moment trying to whitewash themselves, so they look too honest.

Step 3:

Because of the unpleasant situation of human eyes lying about change. And that control is impossible. The pupil is sharply reduced in size. Look into the eyes of the interlocutor. If the pupil is narrowed, it is likely that he was lying.

Step 4:

When a person is lying, the blood rushes a little harder to face. Around the eyes there are tiny red spots. Sometimes it is possible to observe with the naked eye. Look closely at the skin around your opponent's eyes. If you see there was a small spot, then most likely, the person tells a lie.

Step 5:

See which way a person looks when he speaks. If he looks to the right side, he's lying. If one looks to the right and up, at which point they come up with an image, a picture. If he looks to the right and straight, it scrolls in the head sounds selects phrases. If he looks to the right and down, it means that he finished thinking about the situation and is ready to tell her.

Step 6:

Apply these rules, if you are sure that people right-hander. If he is left-handed, he will look to the left, when he speaks the truth. Keep this in mind when you're human wraps.

Step 7:

Sometimes lies can determine another way. Watch the eyes of the opponent. If his eyes began to move quickly from one subject to another, it also may be suspected of lying.