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How to determine life expectancy

In past centuries, people believed - the longer the life line on the hand, the more people will live, but this is not entirely true. Life Line does not show the exact duration, it plays only a small role in its definition. Palmist Philip Mey has developed a theory about how to determine the life expectancy of that person is ordained by fate.

How to determine life expectancy

Instruction how to define life expectancy

Step 1:

Pay attention to the left hand. In the middle there are three main lines, the intersection of which forms a triangle. The figure carries a lot of information about its owner. Smooth, clear, deep lines tell you about the good health and long life.

Step 2:

The definition of life expectancy can also be identified by a small triangle. Look at his hand, a small triangle is located inside a large, not all hands can be seen. But if you have it - this is a good sign, indicating a harmonious, happy life.

Step 3:

Be careful. Undulating lines with different forks, slaboproyavlyayuschiesya line or lines which are not connected and do not form a triangle are bad information. This, first of all, means short life expectancy of the disease or severe. Correct lines represent longevity and well-being. Benchmark your success and longevity depends on the severity of the lines. If the lines are not clear, they are dim and blurry - an indicator of health problems.

Step 4:

If you turn your attention to a rectangle in the center of the palm, you can define your lifestyle that effect on its duration. If the rectangle is extended to the hill of Jupiter, you are very kind people, you have everything in life are better than ever, you shine in excellent health. If the quadrilateral, on the contrary, looks wrong, then its owner - a weak, cruel, ambitious and unbalanced person.

Step 5:

Determine the length of a person's life can also use the scale ruler. Determine the age, based on the length of the line of the head, heart and destiny. For example, the head line ends at the 65 th year of life, fate - at the 60th, head - on the 70th years of life.

Step 6:

Then add up the results, which were measured by a ruler. For example, 60 + 65 + 70 = 195, and divide that number by the number of lines (3): 195/3 = 65Eto number and will be the average length of human life.