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How to develop a women's intuition

In life it is very useful to be able to anticipate the consequences of their actions. Women's intuition often warns of failure and helps to make the right decisions.

How to develop a women's intuition

Instruction how to develop women's intuition

Step 1:

In order to develop intuition, learn to analyze dreams. Remember that intuition is primarily giving their knowledge to people through the unconscious. Try to decipher the symbolism of dreams. In dreams there are always hints of withdrawal from any given situation. This means that even a simple attempt to discern their meaning - the first but very important step in the development of intuition. Use the clues to the values ​​of active sleep by fantasizing. As soon as you wake up, not getting out of bed, try to develop the story of the events that have seen. Action will get a clear sense, thanks to its transference into reality.

Step 2:

Try as much as possible fully immersed in their thoughts. Do it on walks, in his spare time, during meditation. Learn to think outside the box as often as possible to remember the events of his life dream. Due to this relaxed state and develops intuition.

Step 3:

Think associative. Try to always cling to one event for more. In the business world, when there is a need for a new non-standard solution of the problem, use the game "Brainstorm." Its essence lies in the fact that the participants simply say aloud those phrases that occur in their head. If these proposals are analyzed, it is possible to find the very decision, which is so all waited.

Step 4:

Try to compose poems or songs. Best of all, if you reflect in them your dreams, memories. It is easier to get to do, singing to your child for the night song. You can also have written to someone to invent his poems ending. In the east, people who want to develop intuition compose a five-line poems.