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How to develop emotions

The human brain is designed so that the initial reaction to events always based on emotions. Today it is considered that it is emotional intelligence helps to achieve success in life. However, uncontrolled emotions can and do harm. How to properly develop the emotions?

How to develop emotions

Instruction how to develop emotions

Step 1:

The first step in the development of own emotions - the ability to hear others. Everyone is excited about the opportunity to speak. However, rare interlocutor really empathize with the speaker. it is limited to the formal nods and standard phrases often. The ability to hear - is the ability to fully included in the voice of the caller, without being distracted by extraneous thoughts. Asks, to empathize, to learn to extract useful from communicating with anyone, because everyone is able to share valuable experiences.

Step 2:

Think positively. On the personal development in general and the development of emotions in particular are greatly influenced by the internal dialogue. Track every thought that arises in the human mind, and to give her evaluation, it is impossible. However, avoid negative judgments. Do not abuse generalizations, such as "I have always," "I Never", trying to replace them with "this time" or "sometimes." Value judgments replace facts. Instead cursed myself last words, says, "I made a mistake."

Step 3:

Study the body language. To do this is to observe others. People often mask their emotions into words. During the cold, harsh sentences may be hiding uncertainty, with the flattering speeches - anger and resentment. Crossed arms or legs - a sign of secrecy, or stiffness, and vice versa, loose relaxed posture indicates that the interlocutor feels like home. Colleague covers her mouth? Probably, he tells a lie. Analyze the gestures of others, then pay attention to your own. Try to keep your body language match the emotional mood of your words.

Step 4:

Keep under control! Every emotional state has its positive and negative sides. Falling into a rage, people moving away from the other, ceases to think critically, but often it is pushed to the negative experiences of activities to stimulate achieve goals spite vsem.Nauchitsya express emotions constructively simple techniques can help. Divide a sheet of paper into two columns. In the first write a prompt to enter the emotions, and the other - that advises rational thinking. Looking at this list, it is much easier to cope with emotions and make a decision.