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How to develop sensitivity

In psychology, kinesthetic isolated section, which deals with the sensitivity of description: tactile, internal sensations, feelings, smell or taste, meta-feelings. There are certain ways to develop sensitivity.

How to develop sensitivity

Instruction how to develop sensitivity

Step 1:

To develop tactile sensitivity, take five different materials texture. For example, it may be five different patches of fabric or paper. Blind try to determine their quality: smooth, rough. When you learn to accurately determine the properties of the material, go to a more complex level of tactile sensations. Take the coins of different denominations, and also blindly try to determine their denomination.

Step 2:

To develop the sensitivity of the internal sensations will exercise "scales". To do this, take a few different scales and weight of items. Alternately take these items and try to determine their weight. To know its sensitivity results, weigh the samples on the scale. For starters take the items, greatly differing in weight. For example, three hundred grams, half a kilo and eight hundred grams. When you learn to distinguish between the weight, reduce the weight and the weight difference of the things themselves.

Step 3:

Meta-feelings develop at the level of emotions that you felt about this feeling. Think of any sense and describe its qualities, the reaction of the body associated with it. Determine what kind of emotions do you have about this feeling. For example, fear - a sharp, cold, drawing, accompanied by tremor, sweating, mood deteriorates.

Step 4:

In order to develop a sense of taste and smell, focus only on the smell or taste only. To better focus on the smell close your eyes tightly woven "disconnect" from outside noise and try to understand the basis of smell, its shades, train. To develop the sense of taste is also close your eyes, nose for opportunities to not smell, and try a few significantly different from each other products. Determine the quality of the basic taste, its shades, the consistency of the food. To increase the level and use a similar smells and foods to taste.