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How to earn a reputation

Reputation can be called by different names, such as the reputation or image, but all these terms mean one thing - the public opinion of you, of your personal and business qualities, your strengths and weaknesses. Philosopher Samuel Butler said - "Reputation - the money: it is easier to make money than to save." And how you can earn a positive reputation?

How to earn a reputation

Instruction how to earn a reputation

Step 1:

Whether you like it or not - has the reputation of any person. Another question, what is it - positive or not? If you want to earn a good reputation, then you will have to do it a long time. Scratch a good reputation does not arise: it is necessary to sroit as a quality foundation for the house, or in this case to a successful career and a place in society. What factors will work for your good name?

Step 2:

Each work entrusted to carry out as the most important for you. Do not leave without attention to seemingly minor detail. Most likely, you will have to evaluate not only your employer, but also his inner circle, and many other partners. If their assessment of your work will be negative - you will lose customers. On the other hand, if you enjoy your work, you can do offers from other people.

Step 3:

If after work you ask for something to alter or change - go towards the employer. This behavior will play in your favor and will make a good impression. And, most likely, it will be paid in addition.

Step 4:

In the wake of a good relationship, ask your employer to leave a review of your work on the web or write a letter of recommendation. In such cases, reviews are usually full of positive adjectives and enthusiasm.

Step 5:

With partners and customers be always correct, polite and professional. Never give up of your word, and if made a commitment to do something - follow. Not that this does not negatively affect the reputation of a business person as unfulfilled promises.

Step 6:

Work on creating a positive reputation, of course, is not easy, but earning a good name, you collect his abundant fruit. Glory, and bad, and good, usually goes to his owner, and the people will assess you in the first place, the way you describe the other.