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How to find out the answer to the question

Age three to four years of age called pochemuchek because preschool children tend to learn everything about everything, and covered with adult issues. But every day we ask about dozens of things from the people around us and try to find answers to counter questions. This is due to the need for new information and causes the search activity.

How to find out the answer to the question

You will need:

computer books

Instruction how to find out the answer to the question

Step 1:

To find the answer, you need to correctly formulate the question itself. Use simple sentences, the most understandable to your friend, or a search engine. Avoid words-parasites and keep it simple request introductory words. However, a short question - this is not the guarantee of a short answer. An example of this is already becoming a classic question-novel "What to do?" Chernyshevsky.

Step 2:

The next step is to determine the competent person in your question or literary source. Remember, if you want to achieve the effect, you need to look for answers in the original sources. However, not all the foreign scientific literature and translated into Russian, and the original reading may be difficult or even impossible.

Step 3:

For those who are used to obtain information not from books, and in the communication process, we recommend to turn to their teachers and colleagues. In addition to websites of many universities have personal pages of members of the department in which you can discuss your topic and electronic teachers address to which you can send your questions and get answers.

Step 4:

Also note that the video tutorials and recording lectures, conferences.

Step 5:

Internet - a powerful resource, which through the search engine, you can find the answer to your question is worded. But you should pay attention to the fact that not all the links will point to reliable sources of information. Be careful and critical.

Step 6:

To get the answer to the question sometimes takes time and patience. For example, you can not know the sex of the unborn child in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

Step 7:

And finally, before you ask the question, think, and whether you are sure you want to get an answer. Quote that knowledge increaseth sorrow, is under the soil, proven for centuries.