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How to fulfill the desire of

Surely you ever thought why your wishes come true is not as often as we would like. Wishes can be a pleasant and unexpected surprise, and could become a natural result of your inner work on oneself.

How to fulfill the desire of

You will need:

- paper records; - pencil pen.

Instruction how to fulfill the desire of

Step 1:

To your desires are fulfilled, it is necessary to find out whether they are true. Learn how to navigate in their stream. Sometimes the desire to be dictated and weaknesses of man, his high self-esteem, selfishness, etc. Based on the recognized positive qualities and concepts, try to determine exactly which of your desires will lead you to happiness and prosperity, and which, on the contrary, to failure and stagnation.

Step 2:

Develop inner vision. It is important for the use of multiple imaging techniques. Seeing an interesting landscape or event, tell yourself that you want to remember what is happening in every detail. Your brain will react immediately and give the signal necessary for this system and organs. Watch carefully, and after a while, close your eyes and try to reproduce as accurately as possible everything you want to remember.

Step 3:

Take visualization. This practice will help your mind to create a situation in which you are healthy, loved, rich and happy. Enable touch, hearing, smell, intuition, etc. Visualize your desire every day for 20 minutes. Start with a small simple desire to track how quickly they come true.

Step 4:

In conjunction with the visualization, use affirmations - positive statements that are used in the first person, present tense. They should take at least 1-2 sheets. The joint combination of these training gives a good effect. In their statements Emphasize that you are worthy of wish fulfillment.

Step 5:

Put your goal to live happily every day, rather than some part of life. Cease to be a victim. Find the best way to increase confidence in their abilities.

Step 6:

Observe what is happening around. Begin to act in accordance with the ideas that have formed in your mind for the fulfillment of wishes. Carefully fix your success, if something is already beginning to come true. In the future it will help you achieve your new goals.

Step 7:

If in your life so nothing happens, do not despair. Pay attention to your energy potential. Most likely, you will lose your vitality, so all your inner work does not give the desired effect. More sleep, remember about their successes, the target itself in the fulfillment of desires. Do not waste your time in vain on questionable entertainment, after which you want to relax, do not analyze the information that you may be completely unnecessary or false, do not hesitate to topics about other people's lives. Think about their desires, work on their future, to build their lives. Learn basic meditation practices, aimed at filling your strength.