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How to get off the ground

The extraordinary depth of the sky, the mysterious glow of the stars has always attracted people. Why do they like to look into the sky, looking for the wonderful soaring birds? People are born without wings, can only walk, run, jump, crawl ... But it does not follow that they do not get off the ground. (Established professionals modern technology in this article is not taken into account).

How to get off the ground

Instruction how to get off the ground

Step 1:

Remember the expression, included in our vocabulary and the ability to reveal a person off the ground. For example, "soar in the sky", "grown wings", "my state of flight." They are figurative expressions. But the truth is precisely in the imagery, imagination. Thinking "neprizemlenno" may realize their dreams and desires, ie, learn how to lift off the ground mentally. Household chores, stress fetter man clamped in a vise. Release yourself from the shackles of these using the following technique: "Morning Flight". Perform desirable near the window. Imagine behind her white angel wings. Take a pose taking off: take a deep breath, lift your head up, lift up the hands behind the back. See "deep" into the sky. Close your eyes and as you exhale, imagine that you are flying over fields, beautiful forests, blue rivers .... If you want to establish the relationship cooled, rekindle old feelings, imagine yourself flying with his second half. You can dream up with a kiss or a gentle touch. If there is any problem, imagine yourself rising up to the sun. Higher and higher you aspire to it, more and more feel the sun's heat. life energy fills you, you become stronger and more confident, and all the "Bound" you problems remain on the ground. Dropping to the ground, feeling of lightness continue until the end of the day. Follow these "flights" every day for 5 minutes, then let not your only problem, but also improve the respiratory and nervous system, improve metabolism. Commit them to the sunrise, and they will have an enormous miraculous power.

Step 2:

Fall in love! Love is the light feeling, and did not test his people may consider themselves greatly deprived. He falls in love with a person feels charged energetically so that it can get off the ground in the truest sense.

Step 3:

Do you want to get off the ground, povitat bit in the clouds, you can purchase for your furnishings pink color. This will help create a romantic, dreamy atmosphere.

Step 4:

Take yoga. With the help of meditation, during which the disclosed potential brain capabilities, people can put themselves in a condition in which is able to take to the air. This condition is called levitation. Despite the fact that the explanation for this phenomenon is not present, it has a real witnesses, and among them there are respected academics.