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How to get out of the dispute

Get out of the dispute is to stop the discussion, which takes place outside the ethics of conflict. Painless way out of the dispute symbolizes the dignity and respect of opponents to each other.

How to get out of the dispute

Instruction leaving the dispute

Step 1:

It makes sense to argue with someone who does not go to the person, not trying to attack your "pain" point does not jump from one to the other charges. If at least one of these principles is violated, try to pay attention to your opponent's words and to recall the responsibility for the offense made. In most cases, this has a "sobering" effect and the dispute goes to "no".

Step 2:

If the opponent provokes you to personal insults, do not give in, and strive to the end of the conversation. Especially when you feel that your self-control out of control. This can cause the displacement of a constructive explanation of the relationship to the "market-abuse." Complete the dialogue, saying that do not want to carry on a conversation in a similar tone. In extreme cases, ask to continue the conversation when you are both calm down and think about specific theses.

Step 3:

If the wine in a dispute really lies with you, it is better to admit it and stop bickering. In this case, continue - means much to risk his own reputation. However, in order to end the conflict with dignity, just enough to admit wrongness: should apologize. If you have good reason to believe that your opponent is guilty, ask him to admit his guilt and to stop the dispute. This Appeal arguments, and not raise your voice. In no case do not gloat over his loss, show respect and follow the basic ethical standards.

Step 4:

In family life, disputes arise just as often, so learn how to find compromises. "The golden mean" - is not a loss, it's a glimmer of common sense in an emotional battle of loved ones. Do not be afraid to offer compromises and to agree on them, because they are almost always possible to establish a ceasefire and to end the dispute, maintaining the dignity of both sides.