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How to get rid of claustrophobia

Claustrophobia - fear of enclosed spaces. People suffering from this phobia, panic beginning to experience, being in an elevator, in a small room, in crowded places, in an airplane, etc. Fear is accompanied by heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, negative thoughts, sweating, trembling. Claustrophobia can be treated successfully. And the sooner it starts, the better will be the recovery.

How to get rid of claustrophobia

You will need:

- consult a physician; - Undergo therapy.

Instruction how to get rid of claustrophobia

Step 1:

Claustrophobia - The most common type of phobia, which affects more than 7% of the world population. If no action is taken, the situation is getting worse with time. People stop going to places where an attack could happen. This further reinforces the avoidance of fear. The longer a person is hiding from the problem, the more severe it gets.

Step 2:

There are several methods of treatment klaustrofobii.Nagnetanie - type of treatment, creating a situation that a person is afraid of. As a therapy using the elevator, a small room, etc. Its essence lies in pitting a man against his fear. The realization that nothing terrible has happened, it is a powerful argument for a cure.

Step 3:

Modeling - method of getting rid of a phobia when the patient is watching a man who is busy injection. The patient is taught to learn from his behavior and is led to the fact that the person is aware of the hollowness of their own fears.

Step 4:

The discrepancy lies in the fact that the patient is taught to use visualization techniques and relaxation at the time when the panic begins. As long as people focused on the mental and physical relaxation, it explains how and where there is unfounded phobia. The man realizes that his reaction to the source of fear does not correspond to his scheme, resulting in a claustrophobic disappear.

Step 5:

When the patient's cognitive behaviorist therapy taught counteracts the attack at the time, as well as a change of thoughts, because of which there is a feeling of fear.

Step 6:

Hypnosis is used in severe cases. During hypnosis used relaxation and calming techniques to eliminate panic, fear and associated stereotypes.

Step 7:

In some cases, for the treatment of claustrophobia resort to drugs. This may be soothing syrups, drops, tablets or stronger drugs. They help to cope with the physical symptoms of anxiety - palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness and others.