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How to get rid of complexes about their appearance

Uncertainty in their own beauty prevents to live in harmony with yourself and enjoy life. Have you ever wondered about what other people to treat your appearance as you allow yourself to think about it yourself?

How to get rid of complexes about their appearance

Instruction how to get rid of complexes about their appearance

Step 1:

You consciously abide alone, so that no one accidentally not hurt you sidelong glance or harsh words. You stubbornly refuse to believe in its own appeal, which even friends get tired to remind you, waving a hand on you. If these words are true, think about what happens to their own lives. Look at yourself as if from outside. Who do you see? A man collects ridicule in his address? And now mentally hug self and prepare for change.

Step 2:

Stand in front of the mirror that shows your reflection in a full-length. Consider yourself as a whole, paying attention to even the most minor detail. Learn your body carefully, do not miss a single detail. Then tell aloud as loudly as possible and firmly: "This is me. Now I love myself for who I am. " Repeat these words as often as possible throughout the day.

Step 3:

Watch small children. They love to run around naked, and see themselves as they really are. The body - a tool that children use to the maximum. Instead of thinking about the reflection in the mirror, they have a lot of other interesting and joyful situation in life that bring them pleasure.

Step 4:

To smile to yourself and others. Talk compliments your body adequately take them from others. Be aware of their importance in this house, a city on the planet. Your presence on it is valuable in itself, and still have relatives and friends. And they love you not for beautiful eyes or antique profile, and perceive your identity entirely, with all the advantages and disadvantages of luggage.

Step 5:

Whatever metamorphosis may occur with the appearance, remember that your body is unique, another of the same person on the ground there. Your imaginary discrepancy certain stereotypes, perhaps, have the zest for which love you dear people. Strive not to the ideal, which in nature does not happen, and to self. After all, if you do not love yourself, how you fell in love?