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How to get rid of depression and anxiety

In varying degrees, suffer from depression more than half the population of our planet. But if you are bored, favorite activity is not a pleasure, tortured feelings of sadness, anxiety, and fatigue, you must act immediately.

How to get rid of depression and anxiety

Instruction how to get rid of depression and anxiety

Step 1:

Remember, as a child after the injection you were treated to something sweetly - and the mood was rising at once? It will act now! After all, the sweet, the body produces endorphins - the hormone of happiness. Buy a cake, a cake or a chocolate, pour hot strong tea and relax in a comfortable chair. This pastime lift your spirits and give strength.

Step 2:

Another way to get a dose of endorphins - exercise. Go for a jog, fitness, gym ... It is not only lift your spirits, but also helps to tone muscles.

Step 3:

This method is especially important and popular for the fairer sex - this is shopping. If the funds do not allow to buy new clothes, you can just call her friends and have fun, trying on various outfits. It's great to come in fancy dress shop and see themselves in different images.

Step 4:

If you feel sad because of the absence of the interlocutor, is a great option - to get a pet. Whomever you choose, the animal requires care, participation and communication. If you need and love, and the mood rises!

Step 5:

Well, perhaps the most effective way to get rid of depression - sex. He will cheer up you and your partner will give a boost of energy for the next day or allow a sweet sleep for the coming night - that's someone like goes.