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How to get rid of pride

Pride - a distorted perception of the man himself and his place in the world, making you feel a cut above the rest. Proud people are many, but not all are able to recognize this shortcoming. Even fewer attempts to change something in yourself. And only some manage to get rid of pride. The recognition of the presence of man in his pride - an important step towards the healing of the soul. To get rid of the defect, it is necessary to work on themselves.

How to get rid of pride

Instruction how to get rid of pride

Step 1:

Love yourself. Pride is a defensive reaction to the person and is the result of self-doubt. The man is afraid to make a mistake, it seems ridiculous or absurd, therefore, dressed in the armor of their own greatness, to no longer worry about the impression he makes on others. Recognize the right to make mistakes and be free of this burden, and in return get a unique opportunity for further self-development.

Step 2:

Respect other people. No matter how wonderful talents you may possess, there are always people, worthy of praise. It is impossible to be an ace in the whole, therefore positioning itself as one of the best, not the best.

Step 3:

Learn to listen. Pride does not tolerate any rivalry than she is deaf to other people, their feelings and experiences. When will learn to empathize and understand the interlocutor, you will deal a serious blow to the pride.

Step 4:

Get rid of unnecessary principles imposed from outside. Each person has a lot of stereotypes that make him lay his own life in the narrow by someone else, the framework. Think about what you want exactly. Cease to be afraid to be different. Individuality - not a vice, but an advantage.

Step 5:

It should be noted that overcoming pride is not a momentary gesture. This is a long process of working on yourself, your fears, old stereotypes.

Step 6:

Avoid the other extreme, such as the development of an inferiority complex, inspired by the conviction that you are worse than others. This approach is fundamentally wrong.

Step 7:

By getting rid of pride, you will have peace of mind, gain the respect of those around you and discover the boundless horizons of self-development.