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How to get rid of the fear of pregnancy

Despite the innate maternal instinct, sometimes women are afraid of the possibility of getting pregnant. Sometimes he is so strong that some decide not to have children. What is the cause of fear? And how you can get rid of it?

How to get rid of the fear of pregnancy

Instruction how to get rid of the fear of pregnancy

Step 1:

Fear of miscarriage is the most common cause. In order to get rid of fear, should be before the start of pregnancy to do health promotion. Eat right, do not overwork, to observe the regime of the day.

Step 2:

Fear of a sick child birth fears do not arise out of nowhere. Perhaps someone such a tragedy has already occurred from your relatives. To gain confidence and overcome fear, should undergo a medical examination to find out the possibility of pathologies.

Step 3:

Fear of childbirth After hearing stories about the heavy labor, a woman afraid of a repetition of such situations. In order to address the problem, it is necessary to go to a psychologist and attend group training for childbirth. The more knowledge about the process of childbirth, you will get out of the mouth of a specialist, the less attention will be paid to the familiar stories.

Step 4:

Fear of loss of attractiveness In order to get rid of fear, you should have to do the exercises today to strengthen abdominals. Then the figure after childbirth will be easier to restore.

Step 5:

Fear of losing one's job to keep the confidence in the fact that after the birth will not lose skills - you can use the scapegoat months of pregnancy to increase it. Read the necessary literature. It is possible that some of the work can be taken home.

Step 6:

In order to facilitate the removal of fears take two sheets of paper. One record the reasons for which you are afraid of pregnancy. Carefully read and burn. On the second sheet write down the reasons due to which you agree to the birth of the child. Put this piece in a prominent place, and every time when you realize one more reason to desire pregnancy - write it down. Every day, re-read what you have written. This simple way to help you tune in a positive way.