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How to get rid of the habit of biting lip

Biting lips at first glance, it seems harmless, but if you leave this habit without attention and not get rid of her, obsessive movement can bring a lot of trouble, and seriously affect the health and appearance of the oral cavity.

How to get rid of the habit of biting lip

Instruction how to get rid of the habit of biting lip

Step 1:

Explain yourself, that the habit of biting his lips constantly stopping you, so get rid of it is vital. Convince yourself of this, finding ever new arguments. Consider in the mirror appeared cracks and sores on the lips, and remind yourself that it is not whether you have a bad habit, the lips to look more attractive and be more healthy.

Step 2:

Monitor their behavior permanently. Do not give yourself a single moment of relaxation, during which you are oblivious, press the teeth on his lip again. Observe yourself by relentlessly and rigorously suppress any desire to repeat bites.

Step 3:

Stay away, do not communicate with people, which is peculiar to the same bad habit. The roots of this movement lay in the field of psychology and subconscious imitation prevent you effectively deal with their own addictions.

Step 4:

Pamper yourself if you manage not to bite her lips. Reward yourself by any means, which will be for you the most enjoyable. Set yourself the task is not to bite the lips, for example, for four days, and up to the challenge, buy yourself some treats.

Step 5:

Take a multivitamin complex as lack of vitamins and substances in the body leads to dryness of the lips, their peeling and cracking.

Step 6:

Use a colorless lip gloss or hygienic lipstick to her lips were always moistened. Drink more water. Imposes on the night of healing balms and hydrating mask bought in pharmacies or cooked own house from scrap products.

Step 7:

If you solve the problem yourself you can not, ask for help from a psychologist. The habit of biting his lips connected with neurotic state of mind and unresolved internal conflicts.

Step 8:

Perseverance and willpower, and go to the end in their desire to get rid of a bad habit.