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How to improve learning motivation

The basis of a successful and productive training - the right motivation of students. It is necessary to improve and create conditions under which there will be internal goals and motivation for learning.

How to improve learning motivation

Instruction how to improve learning motivation

Step 1:

Conduct presentations and engage students to perform creative work. Typically such activities are perceived "a great success". Each work must be protected: at least a few suggestions, but you need to say. To prepare the winners prizes or bonuses.

Step 2:

Set a positive psychological atmosphere in the classroom. Come up with a "flavor" of each session and try to convey to interested students the topic of the lesson. Provide pleasant democratic relationship with children; regardless of their academic performance, support and try to pay attention to everyone. Remember that the penalty for a wrong decision of educational problems - extreme and ineffective measure which causes negative emotions and negative impact on the child's attitude to learning activities.

Step 3:

In elementary school, in the formation of motivation important mark. Children are trying to make more positive ratings to get praise from their parents. But we should not be confined and abused by this method, as it can form a selfish motivation in children.

Step 4:

Spend extra-curricular educational activities: educational games, collective training and subject Olympiads. Be sure to reward the winners with diplomas and incentive prizes. It is worth awarding certificates and other children for their participation in the event.