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How to know themselves and to develop their abilities

Absolutely mediocre people do not have. Everyone has, even in small measure, some abilities. It follows from this that it is, if desired, diligence and patience they can develop, achieve success in a particular field. Everyone has heard examples where seemingly the most ordinary, unremarkable people achieved phenomenal results, became world famous. But a natural question arises: how a person know what he can do, and how to develop your skills.

How to know themselves and to develop their abilities

Instruction how to know themselves and to develop their abilities

Step 1:

"Water does not flow under a lying stone" - this is a rule that you should follow. Do not expect that you all of a sudden, for no reason at all overshadow insight. Push your imagination, think, try to understand, in what area you could achieve something. Think about your school, institute hobbies. If you, for example, writing good scripts parties, "skits", why not try to develop your talent? If you are willing puzzled over technical innovations, trying to invent something different, radically new, think: maybe it makes sense to do it again?

Step 2:

"I do not make mistakes only one who does not do anything" - that's another rule that should inspire you. Do not be afraid to try something new, take on some unknown cause. Do not worry that you make a mistake and find yourself in a ridiculous position. After all, even the most famous and successful people are not just wrong, we had to start from scratch. Think about it: if they gave up after the first failure, what would be the result?

Step 3:

"From simple to complex" - do not forget this rule. Unable to overcome a long distance in one leap. Do not try too much to grasp at once. First place in front of a modest but very real purpose. Having succeeded, schedule a new frontier - is a little more complicated. And so on. Try to constantly improve, learn new things, acquire new knowledge and skills. Remember: stagnation is fatal in all.

Step 4:

"If you got him, why not work with me?" - This rule should also be your guide to action. It is not necessary to be leveled at Bill Gates: this success is achieved is really very few. But it is possible to pick up and a more modest version. If a person without any assistance, bonds, solely because of their diligence and ability, accomplished so much in any area, it must be for you an example, a role model.