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How to learn to communicate easily

Some dream to get rid of shyness and stop treating communicate with people, how to torture. If you overcome shyness, life will change for the better, and many problems will disappear.

How to learn to communicate easily

Instruction how to learn to communicate easily

Step 1:

Cease to dwell on everything - from how best to answer the question, ending with what expression would be appropriate in this conversation. Communicate without interruption, without giving the other party, insert the words - not a good idea. But fifteen minutes to think about the answer, shyly shifting from one foot to the other, it is not the best option. Relax and do not think about what impression you or your speech, but about the subject of conversation.

Step 2:

More often communicate, because any knowledge obtained in practice. If talking to you - a serious test, start small. For example, the greeting colleagues not just one word answer, and ask about the weather, a result of yesterday's match or other small things. Gradually it will be easier to maintain conversation. You will learn not only deployed to answer questions, but to ask them.

Step 3:

Actively use gestures and facial expressions. This will help the other party understand what your mood or how you respond to what was said. Most call conversation participants by name when referring look in his eyes, not on the floor or the wall, because the latter causes discomfort for the conversations. Smile more (honestly, not grind), and do not be afraid to make a joke even in serious conversation. This will help defuse the situation.

Step 4:

Read and learn the quotes of great people or just funny stories and anecdotes. With their help, you can easily and simply flatten pause that arose in the conversation and bring a smile to the interlocutors. For situations in which lose self-control (visit to the chief's office, for example), some phrases zagotovte templates that can say, when other thoughts fly out of my head.