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How to learn to defend their opinions

Own opinion - this is what separates people from each other. Sometimes people take the imposed way of life, then his individual view of things is still somewhere inside, crushed and unspoken. Learn how to defend their own opinion is very important if you want to get maximum satisfaction, living his years.

How to learn to defend their opinions

Instruction how to learn to defend their opinions

Step 1:

Not infringe upon their interests. Own opinion shows your position on any statement or situation. It is formed on the basis of analysis and deep reflection. Draw conclusions for the benefit of its assessments and interests. They may overlap with the opinion of the majority, but the latter should not go to the detriment of you. Otherwise, it will be your opinion, therefore, you simply will have nothing to defend.

Step 2:

Filter incoming information. Do not accept as a basis for evaluation the statements of others. Do not be distracted by useless for you topics and conversations. Appreciate your time. After all, it is a waste robs you of the many possibilities. This will defend their right to their own opinion.

Step 3:

Build confidence in their views. Study you are interested in strengthening their own opinion topics. If you directly or indirectly, concerns any information, do not take for granted public facts, check them out, get more reliable sources. Take from them only what you need.

Step 4:

Be true to your convictions. Society dictates its own rhythm and priorities. Your neighbor or colleague has a new job, a new car. Do not try to keep up with him. If your old machine has the necessary features for you, why change it? If the new job will require you a lot of time, deprive of communication with loved ones and lead to constant stress, why do you need such a work? To defend its position, always remember that, not yielding to their priorities, you risk losing more than the purchase.

Step 5:

Proceed to your advantage. Do not be afraid to break the stereotypes. Stereotypical thinking - not your thinking. At first, the crowd will resist and hinder you. But then, because of the lack of patience and determination, she will retreat. And you will go about your business, you will not have to defend your point of view.