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How to learn to express their opinions

Modesty and tact, of course, positive character traits. However, we must remember that in order to succeed in life and business, you need to have an opinion on various issues, and be able to express and defend their point of view.

How to learn to express their opinions

Instruction how to learn to express their opinions

Step 1:

Get accustomed to the people who freely express their thoughts. Notice how they argue their positions, which persuasion techniques they use and how they react to the audience.

Step 2:

Practise yourself. During a call, find points of contention and try to mentally connect them with their point of view. For example, look at a TV talk show on the subject you're interested. When the opposite side will defend its position, become the opponent of one of the parties. Try to mentally form an opinion on the illuminated issue Arguments.

Step 3:

Believe in yourself. Your ideas, thoughts are also important in the conversation, as well as statements of the interlocutor. Do not be afraid that you will not accept, or that you do not understand. No doubt he is right.

Step 4:

Try during the discussion to find like-minded people, who adhere to your point of view on the issue under discussion. Support will give you confidence.

Step 5:

Keep an internal dialogue with himself. Ask yourself the question - why are you in this or that situation did not express their position, you stop. Finding the reason for his silence, try to overcome it. For example, you interfere with self-doubt during a conversation with the head for work. You need to understand that your opinion is usually interested in those matters in which you are good. I appeal to you, because you are a professional in the matter under discussion.

Step 6:

Do not pay attention to the environment, distracting and confusing factors which often impede the right to formulate their thoughts, find the right words. Constantly replenish your vocabulary, read more. After reading an interesting book, article or watching TV shows, discuss them with your friends, family members. Start a personal diary.

Step 7:

Try to express their opinions as often as possible in different conditions - in the family, with friends, in public places. Over time, the tightness and stiffness disappeared, and express their views will be easier.