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How to learn to guess

Can you learn to guess the thoughts of a man? At first glance it seems that it is impossible because miracles happen only in fairy tales! In fact, to read the thoughts of others you can not, but help may come "body language." The pose, gesture, a turn of the head, fingers crossed, the movement of the body or the eyebrows, etc., - all this can tell a lot about a person who knows! On what grounds can a very high degree of certainty to guess other people's thoughts?

How to learn to guess

Instruction how to learn to guess

Step 1:

Your friend looks at you with his arms crossed on his chest, while his lips are tightly compressed, brow slightly furrowed, or, conversely, slightly elevated. This means that it is not hostile to you, but some apprehension, some doubts clearly feels. The same may indicate the fingers of his hands, contracting involuntarily into fists.

Step 2:

Open palm hands since ancient times in many nations meant open, friendly intentions. If your buddy is such a palm - can be calm, dislike it clearly does not feel, and does apply to you with affection.

Step 3:

Again, since ancient times, people in the "subcortical" level, remember the rule: "Do not relax!", Which is to act at the slightest danger, or even with its vague threat. Thus, if the source is clearly adopted a relaxed posture, prevents an immediate reflection of danger, for example, he crossed his legs and threw his head back, which means that he trusts you and no catch with your hand, at least for now, do not wait.

Step 4:

If he listens to you, leaning slightly forward - especially elbows flexed his hands on the table top and the chin - on the palm or the closed fist of the hand, you can be sure that you are mentally "overtures". The interviewer is trying to guess what's on your mind, whether you are a serious man, is it possible to deal with you.

Step 5:

Well, in that case, when he pulls or smooth mustache, touched his earlobe, licking his lips, often removes glasses and wipes them with a handkerchief glass - is a litmus test of his embarrassment. Whether something in your behavior knocked him off, or (more likely), he is annoyed with himself for some the admitted mistake.

Step 6:

Be attentive to his companion, even a "radiant" smile does not show sympathy to you, look carefully to the eyes, if they are slightly narrowed, then clearly something's up man or suspects you of something.