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How to learn to manage

Well, finally you get to the boss's chair. But it turned out that only such competencies as knowledge specialization, competence and experience is not enough to cope with the challenges faced by managers.

How to learn to manage

Instruction how to learn to manage

Step 1:

Note that employees appreciate their leader qualities such as the ability to reach out to people, honesty and integrity, friendly attitude, self-confidence. To understand how to combine all these qualities, visit the special training for managers. They will help you understand yourself and find a common language with subordinates. Some organizers offer training to make a personal program for you, considering your particular wishes. Classes often consist of theoretical and practical parts. First, as a rule, offer to analyze your behavior and errors. Then, offer solutions to a particular problem. Then you move on to the practical exercises. The seminars you will be trained by special psychological techniques that are necessary boss. This simulation of emotions in employees, equipment beliefs and other useful skills. But the most interesting - is practice. It uses role-playing and situational training. You head, give the job. The decision making process, all your pros and cons of either option is recorded on video. After this film show party games in the presence of a psychologist-coach. Together with him you analyze your actions.

Step 2:

If you want to get good results from the work of your employees, do not forget about the motivation. Motivation - is the reason that make your employee to work is good or bad. In your power to make sure that the employee worked perfectly. To do this: - encourage your employee (the material can be, but is not necessarily); - Listen to his proposals; - Emphasizes the importance of the work that fulfills a subordinate.

Step 3:

Keep in mind that a good leader must possess these qualities: - you never criticize his ward for eye or other employees. All mistakes can be discussed with a specific person only. - As a true leader, you are never late, only occasionally allowing himself to linger. - You remember all the details of life, some subordinate, part of their family, health, etc. Do not be discouraged if you do not immediately get to lead, because everything comes with experience... There are also early blunders and unsolvable at first sight problems. But you're sure to overcome all obstacles and pass your thorny path to the title of "Best Manager". A slave will thank you, and you will be proud of yourself when you see the fruits of their work.