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How to learn to please people

Everyone is eager to please others. And this desire is natural for everyone. But why some are always in the spotlight, and other communication is given with so much difficulty? Here much depends on whether you are able to communicate with people around you.

How to learn to please people

Instruction how to learn to please people

Step 1:

In the first place, in order to please others, you must love yourself and treat yourself with respect. Remember that you are - a unique individual, that person no longer exists. If you learn to not like yourself, you'll never be another like it. Increase self-esteem, and always be confident.

Step 2:

An important role for the surrounding charm and playing the person's appearance. It is not necessary to have the model looks with the notorious 90-60-90. It is important to always be well-groomed and neat, to have their own style of dress. It is also very important is the ability to present themselves, to emphasize the dignity of his own body. This will help to facial expressions, laughter, eloquent glance, as well as many other factors that are much stronger than emphasize the beauty of a man than cosmetics or fashion wear.

Step 3:

Applies to all positive. Smile and laugh more often. Humor - a great way to make a good impression on people. For gay people in the company are always in the spotlight, and sad - bored alone.

Step 4:

Be a good listener. After all, the ability to listen is one of the foundations of proper communication. You yourself certainly know the feeling of gratitude, when you listen to. So do not be afraid to give it to others. Take a genuine interest in people. Encourage companion to the fact that he talked about himself, about his achievements. Ask such questions that the other person will be pleased to answer.

Step 5:

Do not be afraid to say more good things. This does not mean that we must urgently begin to flatter. You can make a compliment to a colleague that looks good, praise guest hostess for an unusual dish, admire someone's courageous act. Learn to recognize the dignity of man.

Step 6:

Always keep the advantage in any kind of conflict. Do not answer the sharpness of the sharpness, but rather calmly Argues their arguments. Respect other people's opinions, and if you're wrong, I agree.