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How to learn to read in the eyes

In the eyes can be easily read about what people think, say psychologists. And the common people believe this skill is very important and useful. Very often I want to understand what the other person thinks that he is excited. Therefore, the art of reading the eyes is possible and necessary to sharpen.

How to learn to read in the eyes

Instruction how to learn to read in the eyes

Step 1:

One of the techniques - eye to eye. Carefully evaluate the interlocutor's reaction to this technique. If he was willing to look you straight in the eye, so it is very interesting to talk to you. But then again, it should be in moderation. If your partner is too long looks into your eyes - this should tell you that it is either scared talking to you, or simply does not trust you. But too short interaction indicates that the person next to you to worry. And, finally, if he does not look at you at all, then it is absolutely indifferent to all your conversation and you as a companion.

Step 2:

If, however, in a conversation a person looks up, do not try to understand what he looks at. Psychologists assure that such a view is a sign of contempt, sarcasm or irritation towards you, ie, you his companion extremely unpleasant.

Step 3:

If you want to check whether your man is telling the truth about some event in the past, ask him to tell me about it. If he looks in the upper right corner, then he is not cheating, because that's how people behave, which is stored in the memory of any picture from the past and try to remember it. A companion is cheating on you in the event that his eyes are turned to the upper left corner. This is usually a sign that a person tries something to fantasize, to invent, to finish in your mind some events.

Step 4:

If you want your partner to remember something, ask him about it. You will understand that it fulfills your request, if his eyes will be cast to the right. When a person looks to the left, it means that he is currently a tune or come up with new sounds. If your partner looks down, but at the same time looking to the right, then you can understand on this view, it is with an internal dialogue. This usually happens when something is considering or decides what should he continue to talk with you.

Step 5:

If a person looks down and to the left, you can guess from this view, that he considers his impressions from a conversation with you, from the overall situation of the place where you are. Ask him how he found this cafe, where you are now sitting with him and see that he lowered his eyes to the left. If the eyes lowered down simply, it means that your partner or be troubled him very uncomfortable at the moment. Also lowered the eyes can be interpreted as unwillingness to communicate.